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Car finance: Financial lease or Borrow?

A new car is at the top of your wish list, but you do not have sufficient resources to pay for the car of your choice. Fortunately, there are various financing options so that you can quickly become the owner of that one car. Do you opt for a financial lease or do you take out consumer credit to finance your car? What are the differences and what are the similarities. We list the facts so that you only have to delve into the color of your new car and any extras.

Financial lease is a form of renting and buying.

You pay a monthly amount to the leasing company and at the end of the lease contract you are the owner, after payment of the so-called final installment, the residual value or the car ready to return to the leasing company. After payment of this amount, which is determined in advance and is higher than the monthly amount, you are (pass) owner. Until that time, the leasing company is and remains the owner of the car. Financial lease is very similar to a lease purchase with the difference that you are the owner of a lease purchase after payment of the last installment. This is not the case with a financial lease; In addition, you must first pay the final installment after paying all monthly installments.

Thanks to this (high) final installment, the monthly amounts are lower, but you must ensure that you set aside enough money during the term to pay the final installment. Financial lease is a more expensive lease form in comparison with operational lease; all additional costs for maintenance, taxes and insurance are for your account.

Operational lease


In addition to a financial lease, there is also operational lease, the most commonly used lease form because it appears to be the most cost-effective option for many consumers. You pay a fixed monthly amount and you can drive around in the car of your choice. All additional costs, with the exception of petrol costs (just like the fines, the deductible in case of damage and the costs for more kilometers are also for own account), are borne by the leasing company. You do not become the owner of the car; you rent the car, as it were .

Consumptive credit

Consumptive credit

Taking out a consumer credit for financing your new car means that you can pay the car directly to the dealer. You are the direct owner of the car. You then pay the loan taken out in monthly installments to the lender or bank.

As with a financial lease for own account, additional costs are but a major advantage of a consumer credit is that you may repay the loan without penalty . With a financial lease, in almost all cases a fine of on average 10% is charged on the remaining interest. The lease company does this as compensation for missing out on the calculated interest income.

If you take out a consumer credit you avoid having to pay a (high) final installment at the end of the term of the lease contract.


The loan form personal loan has a fixed term and interest so that you pay the same monthly charges each month and are completely debt-free on the end date of the loan. The loan is fully repaid after payment of the last monthly installment. As the owner of the car, you also decide whether you want to continue driving or if you buy another car and trade it in.

Our interest is low ; you set this low rate for the entire duration. Do you not only want to finance the car but also want to reserve money for possible repairs and maintenance of the car? With a revolving credit you can borrow money flexibly so that you not only pay for the car, such as with a personal loan, but also have money in hand for (unexpected) costs.

Refinance expensive car loan


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